AvenueWest Continues Remarkable Growth and Expansion, Announcing New National Markets Following the Hire of Brit Bemis

AvenueWest experiences 20% growth and adds 86 new properties in just two months 

DENVER – May 25, 2023 – AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing, an award-winning leading provider of fully-furnished corporate housing and real estate services, is excited to announce its rapid expansion into seven new U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Irvine, Seattle, and Boston, as well as the addition of 86 new properties to its portfolio, including several properties in Puerto Rico. The impressive growth was achieved in just two months and follows the hire of industry veteran Brit Bemis in January as the company’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Over the last two decades, AvenueWest has grown exponentially from a small real estate brokerage to a national, award-winning franchise and five-time honoree on the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies list. The company’s remarkable growth can be attributed to their commitment to delivering exceptional service and convenience to its clients, while double-downing on its proven, recession-proof approach to corporate housing amidst an evolving real estate market. By expanding its portfolio into growing cities and sourcing multi-bedroom properties, AvenueWest continues to increase market share and emerge as the trusted partner for investment property owners seeking to rent in the sought-after corporate housing industry. 

“We are thrilled to see such significant growth in such a short amount of time,” said Angela Healy, CEO of AvenueWest. “Our expansion into new cities is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the value our clients find in our services.”

“Our expansion into new markets demonstrates the demand for managed corporate housing solutions. We are expanding where clients are asking us to, while offering a consistent product and service throughout” said Brit Bemis, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AvenueWest. “With our growth in the coming months and years, and further expansion globally, we cannot thank our clients and partners enough for their trust in AvenueWest. I look forward to continue servicing clients with my knowledge, expertise, and passion for our industry, and continuing to grow together.” 

AvenueWest now manages properties in 500+ U.S. based cities, and can be viewed in one central location on their website. In addition to their current national expansion, AvenueWest has strategic plans to explore opportunities in international markets, further solidifying their position as a leading provider of corporate housing solutions. 

For more information about how to reserve your next corporate housing stay with AvenueWest, or how to have your very own AvenueWest Franchise, visit avenuewest.com and connect with one of their licensed real estate and relocation professionals.

About AvenueWest
AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing is an award-winning, woman-owned business that delivers real estate investors a turnkey solution for property management, benefitted by our global network of local experts that manage furnished, corporate rentals with five-star customer service. Built on over two-decades of success, AvenueWest Global Franchise enables real estate brokers to launch property-based businesses in their local communities and equip them with the network, the hands-on-training and the infrastructure for success. Whether you are a corporate customer in need of top-tier housing, a property owner seeking managed rental services, or a broker looking to propel your real estate business forward, AvenueWest will deliver for you. Visit www.avenuewest.com for more information.

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