Duty of Care – Commitment to the Safety and Security of Clients and Guests
Key Elements of Care Provided by AvenueWest

AvenueWest’s network of locally owned and licensed real estate brokerage have a legal fiduciary responsibility to the guests and property owners they represent. The AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing system was designed to mitigate risks and minimize the impact of unanticipated events.

Property and Building Compliance – All AvenueWest properties meet local fire safety regulations, are compliant with emergency procedures through residential building management, are insured by the property owner / management and have passed the AvenueWest inspection process.
Vendor Licensing, Insurance and Compliance – Suppliers are carefully chosen and individual licensed, bonded and insured.
Employee Qualifications, Insurance and Compliance
Real Estate Oversight – Each of our local franchises are licensed real estate brokerages.
Data Protection – AvenueWest has processes in place to protect client and guest data. View our privacy policy online at

Guest Experience – AvenueWest is proud of our internationally recognized award-winning service, standards and procedures.

Covid-19 Response

In compliance with the recent novel coronavirus social distancing and safety recommendations, and with a posture of extreme caution for the health and safety of our current and future guests and staff, AvenueWest has made the following changes to our current service offerings:

HOUSEKEEPING: Housekeeping services are currently available. We adhere to all of the CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

MEET AND GREETS: Onsite property Meet-and-Greet services are offered on a limited basis. We have instituted contactless entry for our guests.

MAINTENANCE SERVICES: All maintenance requests will be evaluated and prioritized on an as-needed basis. Critical health, safety, and emergency service requests are being prioritized by severity and handled as quickly as possible.

The AvenueWest Team: Our Team works hard to follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and inspecting your Corporate Housing Rentals. Ask us about the details.

Exclusive Rentals: Reserve a Residential Corporate Housing Rental Annually. Only your employees stay in this property.

Additional Covid Precautions Available

Ozone Clean: Reserve a Corporate Housing property 72 hours before you need it and we will sterilize the air with an Ozone Machine before you arrive.

Sterile Clean: We can contract a second cleaning company to do an additional sterilize clean to the Corporate Housing rental before you arrive.

Isolation Rental: Reserve a property two weeks before you arrive to ensure the property has no contamination before you arrive.

Minimize Contact: We will coordinate Grocery Delivery to minimize exposure.

Local Service: Contact your local service team to support your Travel with Care experience.


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