Code of Ethics

AvenueWest Code of Ethics

As a member in good standing of the Corporate Housing Providers Association, I subscribe to the following code of ethics:

I will be mindful of the trust placed in me by my customers and of my responsibility to render professional corporate housing products and services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

I will employ and practice legal and truthful advertising of our products and services. I will fairly disclose the obligations of both the company and the customer and fulfill company obligations in an expeditious and equitable manner.

I will respond within a reasonable period of time to any customer service complaint and make every effort to satisfy the needs and concerns of our customers.

I will further the public interest by contributing to the development of a better understanding of the corporate housing industry.

I will exercise corporate social responsibility.

I will not deal in a discriminatory manner and will treat our customers and employees equally.

I will respect our relationships with the communities in which we conduct our business and I will respect the natural and physical environments of those communities.


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