Expanding Horizons – AvenueWest Global Franchise Opens in Miami

An Interview with AvenueWest Miami Owner Michelle Real 


Miami has long been a favorite among tourists thanks to its subtropical climate, premium attractions, and beautiful beaches. However, the city has emerged as a popular destination for businesses as well. Miami has seen a significant increase in companies moving their headquarters due to its business-friendly environment, access to quality talent, and strategic location. In fact, Miami was the hottest office market in the US last year, and the trend is expected to continue as the city’s economy continues to grow.

As the market continues to attract businesses, the demand for mid and long-term rentals from corporate and international travelers has also skyrocketed, making Miami the perfect place for a corporate housing franchise. To learn more, we talked with the new franchise owner Michelle Real about the community and what brought her to AvenueWest. 

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AvenueWest Miami Owner Michelle Real

How It Started

Over my 8 years in the real estate industry, I have seen first hand the complexities and challenges faced by property owners, particularly in short-term rental management due to regulations and tenant turnover. Recently, I observed a trend of properties remaining vacant during a busy period in March, which prompted me to explore mid-term rental alternatives.

My introduction to AvenueWest Global Franchise happened while listening to a podcast featuring Angela Healy. I was intrigued by their unique business model that offers a turnkey solution for property management, helping entrepreneurs establish property-based businesses in their local communities. After our initial discussion, I learned that my combined business experience and passion for real estate investing made for an ideal partnership for the franchise. AvenueWest opens the door to a segment of the industry that only a few companies have access to and individual investors are missing. 

Getting Started 

Becoming part of a well recognized industry brand like AvenueWest was not a difficult decision. The immeasurable value of professionalism, industry expertise, and knowledge exhibited by our colleagues here is truly invaluable. We have been thoroughly impressed with the exceptional level of support provided by the entire team since our initial conversation. 

We also recognize the evolution of options in the real estate industry, and we are pleased to have found a company that prioritizes the success of both franchise owners and our clients. The corporate housing sector can be complex, but AvenueWest has made the process streamlined and efficient. We conducted a lot of research and due diligence before selecting AvenueWest, and we are confident that it was the right decision. We feel very blessed. It is the people that work here that make all the difference.

What’s Next? 

I am driven to offer the best service and property management experience for our clients. Our corporate housing rental revenue program is the best proposition for owners to get a higher return on their investment, and I want to help people know that there are other options over a short-term rental like AirBnB that can yield similar returns and better experiences for renters and owners alike.

We aim to stand by the principle of “Be a Good Neighbor.” Miami has the highest number of short-term rentals across the nation, making it imperative that we prioritize the right individuals and proper screening to ensure our community is always treated with respect.  

Miami’s thriving market is attracting new businesses and buildings, making it an exciting time for our extraordinary city. We are thrilled to offer a premium option for corporate guests and visitors. Together with AvenueWest, we are excited to see what we can achieve. 

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