Why Corporate Housing is Better Than Short Term Rentals

AvenueWest co-owner, Angela Healy, was recently featured on The Real Estate InvestHER Show in the episode titled, “Why Corporate Housing is Better Than Short Term Rentals.”

Working smart is always better than working hard especially when it comes to real estate investment. If you’ve been stressed out in dealing with the responsibilities that come with short-term rentals, maybe it’s time to shift to corporate housing.

In this episode, Liz and special guest host Stephanie welcome Angela Healy to talk about why it’s smart to invest in the corporate housing niche. She breaks down the business model she used to grow her portfolio and discusses everything we need to know to get into the space: from finding the right property and partnering with corporations to navigating regulations on corporate housing.

Angela Healy is the co-owner of multiple AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing Franchises and AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC, an award-winning, woman-owned business that delivers real estate investors a turnkey solution for property management. During her tenure, AvenueWest has grown exponentially from a small real estate investment brokerage to a national, award-winning franchise organization, representing annual gross revenues above $20 million and over $150 million in residential real estate under management.


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