Unlocking the Secrets of a Successful Relocation: 3 Key Tips from a 25-Year Expert

Picture this: You’ve meticulously planned every minute detail of your week-long getaway to the Bahamas, right down to matching your outfits to your flip-flops. But when it comes to relocating for three months: you toss a few clothes in a suitcase and hope for the best. Sound familiar?

The reality is that employees will spend far less time planning a three-month relocation than a one-week vacation. Unfortunately, the relocation failure rates show that this is a mistake many people make, and it costs employers in the long run. The good news is that companies like AvenueWest Global go to great lengths to make every relocation as smooth and enjoyable as possible. There are three keys to a successful relocation, and they are rooted in 25 years of experience in turning a work relocation into a home away from home.


Key #1: Get a Relocation Reality Check

If you know what you’re up against, and have the right team anticipating those challenges, you’ll have a better chance at success.

According to a study by the Global Employee Mobility Council, up to 30% of employees report experiencing significant anxiety within the first six months of an international relocation—especially those with families. A staggering 70%  of failed relocations can be attributed to family conflict. Recent studies by Booking.com validate this claim, showing the impact of business travel on family relationships and mental health, particularly on international travelers.

According to AvenueWest Global CEO and Co-Owner, Angela Healy, the process of uprooting your life and moving to a new city, even for a few months, can be surprisingly difficult.

“We’ve seen again and again how stressful a relocation can be. Sometimes it’s hard because they’ve left family behind,” says Healy. “But even if the employee is alone, there’s a lot of stress that comes from a lack of familiarity with the area, difficulty finding essential services, and challenges in making new friends. So then people bring their families along for the ride thinking it will be easier, but it’s not if they don’t have the right support and systems in place. That’s the secret to success…the team you have behind you once you get there. We know it’s gonna be tough, and we know what helps make it easier so we’re always one step ahead. It makes all the difference.”

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The first key to a successful relocation is to have realistic expectations. You’re not on vacation. You can live in a hotel for a week, but 30 days, 90 days…that starts to wear on a person. This understanding is why AvenueWest’s corporate housing units are designed to be a home away from home. Unlike impersonal hotel rooms or bare-bones rentals, our accommodations are fully furnished, offering all the comforts and conveniences of home, and can accommodate partners, children, and even pets. Not every corporate housing provider has a wide inventory of single-family homes available to rent, but we do. Many of them are pet-friendly and all of them are managed by professionals for professionals.


Key #2: You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression

Whether a relocating family has toddlers or teenagers, you want to start your new adventure on the right foot. This is why when a guest arrives at their new home away from home, an AvenueWest team member greets them at the door. They get the grand tour and are there to answer all the important questions your employee has.

We can even ensure that the fridge and pantry are stocked with the family’s favorite snacks. We often create tailored welcome baskets for reluctant travelers of all sizes…a thoughtful spa gift basket for an unhappy partner will never go amiss. This attention to detail helps bridge the gap between the old and new, making the transition smoother and more successful.


Key #3: Getting to Know You

Another source of relocation stress stems from a lack of familiarity with your new neighborhood.

Healy describes the scenario: “You’re at your new job, settled in with your colleagues, and fully capable of performing your duties…but your partner is struggling to find their footing. They don’t know where the kids will be going to school, they don’t know where the best clubs for the kids are, who the best doctor or vet is, or where to get their car fixed. Sometimes it’s the little things. Maybe you’re used to ordering your favorite Thai food back home and you don’t know if they even have Thai food where you are now. Knowledge really is power. As soon as you get familiar with your new environment, it’s a game changer.”

AvenueWest’s neighborhood experts provide comprehensive support to help families navigate their new surroundings, from finding grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors, community centers, and more. We don’t just offer free tips on where to eat, shop, connect, learn, and play, we offer city tours. No matter how big or small the ask, there’s a team of professionals at your fingertips, ready to help.


Key #4: Making Connections

One of the most significant challenges families face during a relocation is ensuring that children feel comfortable and included in their new environment. In a study of 50,000 children conducted by Reuters, it was found that the impact of moving is often worse for children over the age of 5. Kids struggle with leaving behind their friends, schools, and routine during such a crucial stage of social development.

AvenueWest understands the importance of helping children adjust to their new surroundings. We can assist in providing a list of local clubs and activities that match your child’s interests, and even locating schools and daycare centers that provide a nurturing environment. We can even provide this information in advance so that your child has something to look forward to when they get there and they feel supported and connected from day one.

“We recognize that it’s not just the employee who’s affected when they’re relocating,” says Healy. “Most people have a partner, kids, pets, a family with their own routines. Our job is to ensure that we do everything we can to make the move as seamless as possible for those family members, too.”

We’ve also been known to set up social connections with other relocating families, making it easier for your family to make friends and feel at ease in their new home.


Choose a Team That Will Set You Up for Success

Proper planning is crucial for a successful relocation. Investing time and effort into planning your relocation can help ensure a smooth transition and increase the chances of a successful move. This includes researching your new location, understanding the local culture, and making arrangements for essential services and support. With AvenueWest, you get all of that at your fingertips.

Don’t let the challenges of relocation overwhelm you – let AvenueWest simplify your move and help you make the most of your new chapter in life.

Interested in learning more? Call or email us today. Conversations are always free.



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