AvenueWest Gives Back by Launching Corporate-wide Giving Program: AvenueWest Cares

Over the summer, AvenueWest launched a company-wide giving program called AvenueWest Cares. At AvenueWest, finding a way to give back to the local communities is a priority to our national and local teams. That’s why the launch of this giving program means so much to the entire AvenueWest family. 

What is AvenueWest Cares? For every rental reservation made,  AvenueWest will donate a meal to those in need. The meals will be donated within the local community in which the rental reservation is made. AvenueWest franchise owners can choose which local charity they would like to support. The objective is that by donating meals, AvenueWest can provide support to those experiencing food insecurity and join their local organizations in the fight against hunger.

Why food insecurity?  When rising inflation rates are coupled with the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are finding themselves facing something they never thought they would: food insecurity. It is a common misconception that food insecurity only affects our most vulnerable populations. In reality, food insecurity can affect people from all various backgrounds and walks of life – it does not discriminate. Most people never consider the reality that we are all one tragedy away from needing help from our local charity.

According to the USDA, more than 38 million people and 12 million children are food insecure in the United States. Local charities and food shelters are working hard to meet the rising demand for meals as more individuals are finding themselves in vulnerable situations. 

AvenueWest can help. By launching AvenueWest Cares, AvenueWest has committed to partner with local charitable organizations in the fight against hunger. 

Giving back to the community has always been top-of-mind at AvenueWest. Prior to launching AvenueWest Cares, AvenueWest franchise owners would regularly donate gently used home-goods from their properties to local shelters and charitable organizations where they can be put to good use. That is why having an official corporate giving program truly resonates with the entire AvenueWest family, but especially with Angela Healy, AvenueWest’s co-owner and creator of AvenueWest Cares. For Angela, AvenueWest Cares was the next natural step for optimizing AvenueWest’s charitable impact.

You’re probably thinking, “What does corporate housing have to do with food insecurity?”. Great question! Corporate housing is a solution to a number of problems people face while in transition. Where will we live if we can’t find a house to buy? Will my family be safe here? Are we going to be okay? With transitions come uncertainties. AvenueWest’s business model for providing transitional housing prioritizes the human need for security. On that same train of thought, when conceptualizing “How can AvenueWest give back?”, it was important to Angela to give back in a way that also aligns with their priority to support those in transition. Hence why joining the fight against hunger and food insecurity felt like the next thing to do. 

People who find themselves facing hunger are experiencing life’s most terrifying and threatening transitions. Whether it be a job loss, a battle with addiction, or a personal tragedy – AvenueWest wants to ensure their neighbors in their communities can be certain of one thing: their next meal. 


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