7 Ways Corporate Leasing 🏠 Blows Airbnb Away!

7 Ways Corporate Leasing 🏠 Blows Airbnb Away!

When it comes to short-term housing options, renters often face a dilemma: corporate housing or Airbnb. Both offer a feels-like-home alternative to high-priced, cookie-cutter hotel rooms, but here are a few reasons why corporate housing has the edge over Airbnb:

1. We’re Always a “Superhost”

Airbnb is built around an individual “host” who can earn the moniker “Superhost” by doing things like receiving positive reviews, being responsive, and avoiding cancellations where possible. A host could be a private owner renting out a spare bedroom or someone with several listings that they manage as a side business. On the other hand, corporate housing is run for professionals, by professionals. Corporate housing’s standard of care is much higher. While Airbnb hosts are accountable only to customer reviews and a desire, if they have it, to be ranked a Superhost, corporate housing professionals like AvenueWest are not only accountable to our guests but to a governing body. As a result, we’re always Superhosts, and the standards AvenueWest adheres to far exceed those of an Airbnb Superhosts.

2. Fewer Guests

One advantage of corporate housing is that guests are setting up home in a community with longer-term residents. Unlike a popular Airbnb rental, guests also have the peace of mind that comes with being in a place that has seen fewer guests over longer-term stays. The guest will appreciate staying in a cared-for unit that does not have the same level of wear and tear from other visitors to the temporary home. Plus, there will be fewer people with access to the unit, offering greater security assurances to the guest.

3. Security

As Bloomberg put it in an in-depth article on Airbnb safety, “Airbnb’s business model rests on the idea that strangers can trust one another.” Corporate housing, on the other hand, asks that you trust a professional, experienced corporate housing organization. Members of the Corporate Housing Providers Association, including AvenueWest, keep up with industry best practices and establish consistent procedures across properties with guest safety in mind.

Our corporate housing units are typically better secured compared to Airbnb properties, with secure entrance systems, exterior security cameras, and 24/7 support from AvenueWest.

4. Privacy

Corporate housing properties usually offer more privacy compared with Airbnb properties. They are separate units, often with their own entrance, and are not shared with the host or other guests. With corporate housing, a guest can count on privacy and professionalism. Each property is managed by a committed team offering corporate housing services. This is not the “play it by ear” approach of an individual occasionally renting out a spare bedroom or property when it is convenient. In addition, there will be no owners dropping by to socialize or check in on you during your stay, but you will have 24/7 access to a professional when you need one.

5. Better Maintenance and Upkeep

On that note, this is why corporate housing units are often better maintained than Airbnb properties. They are managed by expert teams and are inspected regularly to ensure they meet high standards of cleanliness and maintenance. AvenueWest offers its guests 24/7 access to emergency services so if anything does go wrong, an specialist in the area required will show up in a timely manner and correct the issue promptly and properly. AvenueWest has a hard-earned reputation for meticulously managed properties with excellent customer service to continue to maintain that Airbnb simply can’t compete with.

6. More Consistent Experience

With Airbnb, renters often face inconsistencies in the quality of the property, the host, and the experience. With corporate housing, renters can expect a consistent experience across all units as they are managed by a team of people whose full-time business is to look after guests. As a result, companies like AvenueWest have standardized procedures and are committed to the highest possible quality of care for each guest.

7. Next-Level Service

The corporate housing model is built around understanding that guests are busy. Property managers know that guests are working hard in a new work environment, looking after someone in the hospital, focused on multiple priorities as the result of a move, or reeling in the aftermath of a house fire. They don’t want their guests to sweat the small stuff so many corporate rental properties come with additional services. Guests might take advantage of:

    • Dry cleaning pick-up and delivery
    • Cleaning crews
    • Towel and linen service
    • Concierge services

…and more…

Our guests agree that corporate housing is a better option for renters who want more comfort, privacy, security, and an optimal experience. It’s a good choice for travelers who want a reliable, high-quality experience, and don’t want to deal with the uncertainties and inconsistencies that come with Airbnb.

When looking for fully furnished lodging, AvenueWest offers:

  • Well-appointed, fully equipped, fully furnished and comfortable properties
  • Concierge-level service
  • Expertly curated and managed properties

City tours to residential real estate services.

We go above and beyond for our clients! Just pack a suitcase, we’ll take care of the rest.  Contact us today to arrange your next stay.


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