The Problem-Solvers: Colorado Companies that are Changing the Game Colorado Biz Magazine

These statewide operations are turning tradition on its head, thinking strategically and originally to present novel models and winning concepts. In 2018, Colorado Companies to Watch honored TRELORA, AvenueWest Global Franch‌ise, Techno Rescue, Lockstate, Peak Beverage, Navjoy, Networks Unlimited, NewCloud Networks Proximity Space and SuiteHop.


AvenueWest Global Franchise

Denver | Since 2009 | Real estate

AvenueWest, which offers fully furnished private investment properties for monthly business lodging solutions, has perfected and proven its franchise model and has targeted 75 cities for expansion. Always on the hunt for innovative ideas, AvenueWest spun off a new business, CHBO / Corporate Housing by Owner, an online market place for corporate housing rentals for people who had needs beyond the AvenueWest model. This year, the company plans to launch AvenueWest Investment Fund 1, which will allow individual investors to better diversify their investment portfolios and allow local AvenueWest offices to speed up the development of their rental inventory.

“At our core, we are a family business, and all of our franchisees are husband and wife teams,” says founder Kimberly Smith, who recently sold to Angela and Tim Healy. “Family values are an important part of everything we do, how we work and how we support each other.”

As a founding member of Chicks with a Purpose, the AvenueWest team works to support the growth and development of underprivileged inner city girls through after-school programs and special events.