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Welcome to a new world of Property Management.  AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing is a network of real estate brokerages experienced in managing furnished residences available as monthly corporate housing rentals.  AvenueWest manages fully furnished private residences coordinating the property upkeep, owner payments and tenant requests.  Our goal is to work with you, the property owner, to provide the highest quality furnished executive housing to business travelers.  

We, the AvenueWest Team, work to provide quality furnished rentals for our tenants while properly servicing all of the individual needs of each owner and property.  This means we spend a lot of time with both our tenants and properties working to keep the best balance possible.  In today’s economy quality, location and cost are everything to our tenants.  Tenant’s needs must be taken care of in a timely fashion while making every effort to keep property owners well informed and educated about their properties.  Owners cannot afford to have their units sit vacant because something didn’t work, the unit was out of date or overpriced.  We work to service all maintenance requests, process all rental payments, negotiate with tenants to maintain high occupancies, process monthly utility payments and produce year-end income statements including 1099s and expense reports.

As you will discover we have structured our management program to work with your needs whenever possible.  Our office is open all week long with people, not machines, answering the phones to get answers to your questions and keep your unit rented.  Our management program includes bringing the best properties into our inventory, assisting with furnishing (if necessary), providing housecleaning and maintenance services, and working with you to assure you obtain the most from your investment.

The first step in establishing your property as a rental with AvenueWest is to call your local Property Management Department at 800.928.1592.  After and initial phone consultation we will determine if your property and your needs as an investor match our program.  If we are both in agreement to move forward we will set an appointment to meet with you at your property for an onsite evaluation and provide you with further details.  This visit allows us to assess possible pricing, occupancy and recommend improvements or changes that may need to be made.  During this visit you will be able to discuss your specific needs and ask any additional questions you may have.

After the initial on-site property meeting we will compare your property to other comparable properties in our inventory, discuss the rental possibilities with our leasing staff and decide if upgrades, changes or additions need to me made to assure the highest level of occupancy and establish a rental rate.

Once a contract has been signed, your property will be placed “on-line” within our computerized management system and in our web-site marketing database.  Once the property is activated within the computer system it will remain active and continuously re-rented for the duration of the management contract.  Inspections will be made upon each departure and a thorough annual clean and inspection will be scheduled to maintain and evaluate the quality and condition of your unit.  Again, our main focus at AvenueWest is to provide quality rentals while maintaining a high occupancy rate and this can only be done through mutual respect and communication.

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